How to create a new work package in the Mind Map feature | InLoox PM 8

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In the mind map you can create new work packages from the nodes. Proceed as follows:

  1. Open an existing project or create a new one.
     For more information on how to create a project, please see Create a project.
  2. In the project, in the Start tab, click Mind Maps.
  3. Create a new mind map.

    For more information see Create a mind map.

  4. On the Edit tab, in the Promote group click Create Work Packages.
  5. Select on of the following options:
    • All Nodes  All nodes together with the main node of a mind map promote to work packages.
    • End Nodes  All end nodes of a mind map will be added as new work packages.
    • Selected nodes   Select the nodes you want to have as work packages.
    • Include already promoted nodes  Select this option to add nodes, which have already work packages, once more.
  6. After you have selected the option you wanted the Work Package Page with new work packages will be automatically displayed.
    On the nodes you can see a Work Package icon.

For more information, on how to add important informations to a new work package, see Create and edit work package.