How to edit the division structure | InLoox PM 8

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InLoox PM 8 uses its own division structure which is independent of the Outlook one. This structure is available only in the InLoox PM Enterprise Edition and is selectable in the projects.

The divisions can be structured to any level and can be assigned to a specific project. you can also add the resources to the divisions.

  1. Open the dialog box InLoox PM Options.
    For more information on how to open the InLoox PM options, please see Open the InLoox PM options.
  2. Under General options click Divisions. On the right side you see the Division area:

  3. Do one of the following:
    • Insert a new division to change the division structure.
      1. Click New and enter a name in the Name box and notes in the Description box (if necessary) in the dialog box New Division.
      2. In the Resources area, click Add.
      3. In the Address Book dialog box, select a contact and click OK.
      4. Click OK.
        Now the new division with the resource in the division structure is displayed.
    • Edit the existing division structure. Choose one entry from the division list and click Edit in order to change it.
    • Remove a selected division from the list by clicking Delete.
  4. Click OK or Apply to save the changes in InLoox PM.

Effects of editing or deleting a division: