Assign tasks to resources

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Assign tasks to resources

Divisions and teams

Assign tasks to resources

To assign a task to a specific person, click on the task card on the image or alternatively on Select resource… and select a resource from the dropdown menu. You can also search for a specific resource via the search field. Click on the address book icon to open the global address book and select a resource from there.

If you want to assign the task to another person, you can simply click on the image or resource name again and select the new resource from the list. To remove a resource, click Remove resource at the bottom of the resource list.

Tip   You can filter the resources in the global address book by specific skills, e.g. when the task can only be completed by someone with English language skills. Please go to the chapter Skills to learn how to assign specific skills to a resource.


Divisions and teams

Warning   The division and team functionality is only available in InLoox 9 Enterprise Server or in InLoox now! Enterprise.

If you are able to choose from a multitude of resources the divisions and teams view helps you to keep a better overview.

If you want to assign a task to a resource from a specific division, please follow these steps:

  1. Click in the tasks section of the project on the Edit tab and in the ribbon on the Divisions and Teams button.
  2. This will open the Divisions and Teams overview in the side panel on the right.
  3. The InLoox Administrator can set the division and team structure in the InLoox options.
  4. You can expand the division structure by clicking on the black arrow in front of the division icon to see all resources that belong to that division

    Division overview

  5. Now drag the respective resource on the task that you want to assign.
  6. The workload of the task will now be included in the calculation of the resource’s workload and in the workload of the division.

Besides the divisions that the InLoox Administrator sets for the entire project platform, you can create your own teams in InLoox and track their workload. The team functionality helps you to put resources together across divisions.

Please follow these steps to create a team in InLoox:

  1. In the tasks section of a project, click the Edit tab and in the ribbon on the Divisions and Teams button.
  2. In the Divisions and Teams side panel, click on the plus symbol left of Add Team. A new team will appear below.

    New team

  3. Now you can drag and drop resources from your team onto the respective tasks.

    Drag a resource out of a team

  4. The workload of the task will now be included into the calculation of the resource capacity and in the calculation of the team capacity.

Note   The new team is now available in each of your InLoox projects, but it is not available system-wide – meaning that your colleagues won’t be able to use the team. Every user can create his or her own teams.