Add tasks to the project schedule

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If a project schedule (Gantt plan) is a part of your project you can also assign project-related tasks to the regarding activity in the schedule. We recommend this if a task is supposed to be completed within the time frame of this activity and if its content is related to the content of the activity. You don’t, however, have to assign a task to an activity, you can also use it as a “free task” in your project.

Please follow these steps to integrate a task into your project schedule:

  1. Go to the planning of your project. Therefore, open your project and click on the Home tab in the ribbon on Planning.
  2. Double-click on the activity, summary activity or milestone that you want to assign your task to. This will open the side panel on the right to edit planning elements.
  3. At the bottom of the side panel, select the Tasks tab.

    Sidepanel tab tasks

  4. You will now see an overview of all the tasks in your project that have not been assigned to a planning element in the Gantt chart yet.
  5. Now drag the regarding task with the mouse from the side panel onto the respective activity or milestone.
  6. You have different options:

When you want to remove a task from the Gantt chart, you mark the task in the planning list. Then click in the ribbon on the Edit tab on the Remove button.

Remove tasks

The task will then reappear in the side panel.

When you are done editing your project tasks, click on the File tab and then on the Save button if you want to keep editing other sections of your project or on the Save and Close button to leave the project.


Add multiple tasks to the project schedule via drag and drop

You can add one or more tasks to the project schedule at once using drag and drop. You can select multiple tasks by holding down the Shift key or CTRL key and simply drag the tasks into the project schedule.

InLoox for Outlook: Add multiple tasks at once to the project schedule