How to create a plan-based mind map

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Visually collect and organize your ideas in mind maps to you get an overview over all ideas, concepts and drafts. When you are using the plan-based approach, you should ensure that the main nodes of your mind map correspond with the project phases (Top-Down).

Additionally, you can watch our video tutorial: Plan-based Mind Mapping


1. Open an existing project or create a new one.

2. To create a new mind map click on Mind Maps on the Start tab.

3. To name the mind map right-click somewhere in the mind map area and click on Edit Mind Map in the context menu. A new window will open. Type a name for your mind map in the Name field. 

Name your mind map

4. Create as many nodes as needed. Following the plan-based approach, the main nodes correspond with the project phases. To create a node, right-click on the node in the middle and click on New Node in the context menu.

5. By default a new node is created as a sub-node of the marked node.

How to create a new node in an InLoox Mind Map

6. To create sub-nodes select a node and right-click to open the context menu. Click on New Node in the context menu. A sub-node that is directly connected to the selected node appears in the mind map. Name the sub-node and push enter. 

Create as many nodes as needed

7. To edit a node, right-click on it and choose Edit in the context menu.

8. A side panel opens on the right side. Here you can save and edit additional information.

How to edit a node in a mind map

9. Create as many nodes as needed and position them by drag-and-drop.

10. Format the mind map and edit the background color of a node or add a symbol to it. For more information on formatting see Selected Mind Map features

A plan-based Mind Map

11. When you are finished you can copy the mind map to the planning. Therefor see the following chapter: Copy a mind map to the planning

Create another mind map

To create another mind map in the same project click on the mind map symbol in the lower menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M.