Getting started

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Download the First Steps with InLoox PDF file: 

<<First steps with InLoox PM>>

<<First steps with InLoox now!>> 

Additionally, you can watch our video tutorials for InLoox for Outlook.


Welcome to InLoox for Outlook! We compiled information that helps you get started with your first InLoox project.

  1. First, open Microsoft Outlook in your Windows start menu:

    Windows 10 Start Menu

     ... or from your taskbar

    Open Outlook in the task bar

  2. InLoox fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook and is always available with one click.

    Outlook Ribbon with InLoox

    Open InLoox for Outlook by clicking on the INLOOX PM or INLOOX NOW tab in the Microsoft Outlook Ribbon.
  3. To create your first task with InLoox, click on Tasks in the Views group on the InLoox Ribbon.

    Aufgaben im InLoox-Ribbon

  4. Click on New Task in the New group to create a new task.

    Ribbon New Task

  5. Use the side panel on the right to enter all the details regarding your task. 

    Side panel Edit task

    Congratulations, you have just created your first task with InLoox PM!

  1. To create your first project with InLoox, please click on the INLOOX PM or INLOOX NOW tab, then click on Projects on the Ribbon in the Views group.

    Projects in the InLoox Ribbon

  2. By clicking on New Project in the Ribbon on the Start tab in the New group, you will get to the management form.

    InLoox-Ribbon New Project

  3. Please enter all basic data regarding your project in the management form.

    Management form

Laden Sie sich die Erste-Schritte-Anleitung als PDF herunter: 

>> Erste Schritte mit InLoox PM <<

>> Erste Schritte mit InLoox now! <<