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Data sections in the chart

Values  the section contains data items against which the Y-coordinates of data points are calculated.

Arguments  the section contains data items that provide values displayed along the X-axis of the chart.

Series  the section contains data items whose values are used to create chart series.


This section describes the features available in the Chart dashboard item, and provide extensive information on how to customize charts.

All buttons are displayed on the Design tab.

Master Filtering

Dashboard allows you to use any data-aware dashboard item as a filter for the entire dashboard (Master Filter).

 To learn more, see the Master filtering topic that describes filtering concepts common to all dashboard items.

The Chart dashboard item supports filtering by argument or series values.


The built-in drill-down capability allows end-users to change the detail level of data displayed in dashboard items on the fly. To learn more, see Drill-Down.

The Chart dashboard item supports drill-down on argument or series values.

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Binding dashboard items to data