How to submit a project request

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When you don't have the user permission to create a new project, you can submit a project request to be approved by your supervisor or project manager. For more information on permissions browse the articles: how to set user permissions and user permission options. In the following we will explain step-by-step how to submit a project request:

1. Start from your Outlook Inbox:

InLoox PM or InLoox now tab and ribbon

2. After that you can see the project list, which gives you a short overview about all your projects. 

How to submit a project proposal

3. The management form will open.

A notification will pop up (yellow highlight) on the management form to inform you that you are not starting a new project but editing a project request. Click OK to edit the new project request.


4. Click on Safe and Close when you are finished.

The reviewer you selected will receive your project request submission for approval and the project request will be included in the tree structure of the InLoox project list.

Safe and Close