Release Notes InLoox 11.1

New Features & Improvements


From idea to project task: a simple workflow with the mind map

Are you still jotting down your creative ideas in a mindmap on paper? Save yourself the manual transfer of paper to InLoox - the mindmap in InLoox for Outlook and InLoox for Windows does it for you: One click and the mindmap nodes become project tasks.

Capture your brainstorming ideas from the team meeting nicely visualized in the mindmap. Then add the tasks' details in your Kanban and immediately inform the people responsible for the tasks. 

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Mindmap zu Kanban-Aufgaben

February 2nd, 2023 

Mind map-task workflow:

The mind map is back in InLoox for Windows and InLoox for Outlook! The simple workflow from the project idea to clearly assigned tasks is only a few clicks and helps you turn creative input into concrete actions to achieve your project goals. 

In InLoox 11.1 you can use the following functions:

  • Create mind map with nodes
  • Format nodes
  • Create InLoox tasks from nodes

If you have created a mind map and want to turn the nodes into project tasks for the Kanban, click on Create Tasks. You will be routed directly to the Kanban where you can enter the tasks details and assign resources. Step-by-step instructions can be found in the help-article for mindmaps >>

The mind map will be continuously extended with new functions. It is planned to provide the full range of mind map functions known from InLoox version 10 in InLoox 11.

Improved settings for notifications:
Enable emails for third parties, set frequency & mute projects

If you collaborate with service providers or external suppliers without an InLoox login, this feature is made for you: With the new settings options, you can now enable the notifications for people without an InLoox login, that InLoox automatically sends when changes are made to the project (management form), tasks and planning elements (tasks and milestones). By default, this notification option is disabled. In the settings, you can activate the slider under Notifications >> Notification of external contacts. This setting can only be changed by a person with admin permissions for the InLoox account. 

Set frequency

Your administrator sets the default notification frequency for your InLoox account. However, you can change this default setting for yourself personally. If the default daily setting does not suit you, simply set the frequency to e.g. daily or weekly under Settings >> Personal

InLoox 11.1 - Benachrichtigungen einstellen

Mute projects

You want to disable notifications for specific projects? Then simply mute the projects by opening the project in InLoox Web App and clicking on the bell icon at the top. This will disable notifications entirely for this project. Your project may now fly under the radar... 

 InLoox - Projekt entfolgen

Notification with reply button:
Answer comments directly from your inbox

When you are mentioned in a comment, you receive an email notification. This email notification now has a reply function: One click on Reply and you are directed to the comment section in InLoox Web App and can immediately start typing your answer.

This convenient improvement saves click paths and thus time. You can reply directly from your inbox to those comments that are addressed to you personally.

Reports in InLoox Web App:
Report list navigation & report creation

InLoox Web App has been extended by another functionality: You can now access, create, save, and download reports on the web.

In the menu under Reports, you can see the list of already created reports, sorted in descending order by creation date. The list can also be sorted within the columns Name and Status. The area on the right side of the page shows a preview of the PDF of the selected report.

The best: you can start a deep search in the reports - InLoox scans the selected PDF file and delivers the right hits. Of course, you can download created reports or print them right away. Or simply copy the link of the report and send it to your team, post the link in a project comment or your group chat.

Click New Report to create a report in InLoox Web App. You first select the layout for the report and then decide which records from the Project, Planning, Tasks, Documents, Time and Budgets sections should be used to create the report content.

You can save this report in the report gallery and use it later again.

Dashboards in InLoox Web App:
Development of your KPIs at a glance

Dashboards can now also be viewed in InLoox Web App! This gives you a quick insight into the performance of your project portfolio and provides you with the most important KPIs of your projects for the management.

You can find the new feature in the menu on the left under Dashboards. Simply select the desired dashboard from the standard templates in the dropdown menu or choose a customized dashboard. Access all key data and developments at a glance, just the same as you're already familiar with from the desktop app. If necessary, adjust the project selection, limit the time span or export the dashboard as an image, Excel or PDF, directly from InLoox Web App.

InLoox Web App - Dashboards

Release notes for InLoox version 11.1. New features are: Mindmap tasks workflow, improved settings for notifications, notifications with reply function, create report in InLoox Web App and dashboards in InLoox Web App.