Release Notes InLoox 11.0

New Features & Improvements


Granular permissions system:
Access to projects defined by divisions assignment

It’s finally implemented: the most requested feature of our InLoox Contribute platform! You can now assign people access rights to projects based on their division categorization. This makes it possible to give people outside the division reading and editing permissions, without bringing them into the project team. 

The division permissions offer the highest flexibility: create your business locations as divisions and thus create a permissions structure based on these locations. 

InLoox 11.0 - Abteilungsrechte

October 31st, 2022 

Divisions permissions:
Access for people without active project participation

Your marketing team needs to liase with product development to keep projects on track but wastes a lot of time in status meetings to be up to date? Then give your marketing people reading permissions for project plans assigned to the product development divisons. Now your teams can independently access the information they need in order to develop marketing campaigns. Without meetings, email ping-pong, or outdated project plan printouts. 

The division permissions are based on the assignment of the projects, not on the division affiliation of a person. Once a project has been assigned to a division, every person with reading or writing permissions for this division can access the project data accordingly.  

You activate the division permissions in the InLoox settings, where you can assign individual division permissions to each person under Permissions. Using multiselect, you can quickly provide entire teams with the same access rights. 

Read the help article for detailed step-by-step instructions >> 

InLoox 11 - Abteilungsrechte

Improved notifications:
Automated emailing & links in emails

The InLoox notification system has been standardized for all editions. From now on, notifications about changes in projects are controlled centrally via the InLoox server. This change will allow us to quickly add functionality to the notification system and to customize it.

What does this mean for your daily project routine: Notifications are sent automatically via email for all project changes. You can set the frequency of the e-mail dispatch as default for the InLoox account. Each user can then customize this default setting for themselves.

The notification email contains links to the respective areas in InLoox that have been changed: by clicking on project name, task name or document name, we direct you to the respective area in InLoox Web App. This implements one of the most requested improvements from our Contribute platform. We thank our InLoox users for the valuable feedback!

In the coming updates, the functionality of the notifications will be continuously extended.

Improved tasks:
Task list with better overview and deep search, time tracking in a task & history of task changes

Another functionality heavily used by our customers and for which we have received many suggestions for improvement is the task in Kanban or in the task list.

Until now, the task list could only display all tasks of each status through filters. From now on, the global task list contains all tasks, if you activate the button Include Completed in the view All Tasks. You do not need to activate any further filter settings.

The task list now has a deep search field in all InLoox apps. This means that every displayed column is searched. This means that every displayed column is searched and you can, for example, search for a task containing the word you are looking for in its description. In fact, this deep search is implemented in all areas of InLoox and includes documents as well.

In InLoox Web App, you can see all the changes that have been made in the task in the Kanban. In the Activities section, you can see the comments as well as changes that affect, e.g., the start, the duration, or the resource allocation.

Using the time tracking button in the task, you can now with one click book working time in the form of effort to a task. After the click, a time tracking entry opens where you can enter the details. You don't have to switch to the Time tab anymore but can book the respective efforts directly in the tasks in the Kanban of a project. This feature is currently only available in InLoox Web App.

Improved notes-functionality:
Better design, follower-feature & improved deletion process

With InLoox 11, notes are now called comments and have been optimized all around:

  • Project and task comments have been given more space, the design is based on well-known messenger apps and the handling is much more comfortable.
  • You can directly address people as followers via @, whereupon an email notification is sent to their inbox.
  • If you want to delete comments, InLoox asks for your explicit consent once again. This prevents accidental deletions (not available in InLoox Web App).

With these improvements, we were able to implement customer requests #129, #130, #55, #331 and #45, which received great approval on the InLoox Contribute platform. Thank you very much for the constructive feedback! 

Compare planned with tracked hours:
Qick-check on the difference between planned and actual effort

This functionality is also a result of customer feedback #46 on the InLoox Contribute platform! You no longer need to call up a dashboard to quickly compare the planned workload of a task with the actual workload from the time tracking entries recorded for this task. 

In the task list you simply display two columns: Effort (h) shows the planned work effort from the task, and Expensed Hours Task (Time Entries) shows the already booked working hours for the task. Using the filtering and grouping options of the task list, you can customize the view and, e.g., save only your own tasks grouped by project with the above columns as a view. 

Also, with the formatting options, you can define a traffic lights system that highlights those tasks that are overbooked (red), underbooked (yellow) or balanced (green).  

With just two new columns, you now have a powerful feature that quickly and easily provides an important KPI for your project profitability. 

Automatic InLoox updates:
Latest version without IT support

Finally, you don't have to plan the update of InLoox with your IT department anymore, because from now on you can allow automatic updates. The latest InLoox features and improvements are now readily available when you want them, not when your admin can schedule the update. 

The InLoox account administrator can also disable the automatic update. 

Read the help article for details on how to do this >>

For instructions on how to install the InLoox Apps or the InLoox OnPrem Server for the first time, download the corresponding whitepapers here >>