InLoox 11: InLoox for Outlook Modern Add-in

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How to set up the InLoox for Outlook Add-in

There are generally two ways to get the add-in into your Outlook:

  1. Via your Office 365 administrator: Your company's Office 365 administrator will provide you with the InLoox for Outlook add-in. You can find the installation guide for administrators here. In this case, users will automatically find a button Open InLoox Add-in at the top of their Outlook menu.
  2. Self-installation for cloud users: Users of one of the cloud editions can also download the InLoox for Outlook add-in themselves from the Microsoft Store. To do this, visit or search for InLoox for Outlook manually in the Microsoft Store and then follow the installation instructions. After successful installation, you will find an Open InLoox Add-in button at the top of your Outlook menu. Note This option is only available for users of the cloud editions. Users of InLoox On-Prem must use the first method.

Written instructions on the functionalities can also be found in the help article InLoox for Outlook modern add-in » 


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