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The InLoox project management system provides solutions for everyday users. Integrated into Microsoft Outlook or accessible through our Web-based services, our project management systems organize your tasks, documents, and plans. We provide reliable and secure tools to ensure your projects are simple to manage, organize, and customize. Our project management system is comprehensive yet practical and accessible. Effective project management systems must provide tracking tools that help you reach milestones while effectively completing goals and meeting budget.

InLoox offers the best project tracking system for today’s multitasking leaders. The mind map feature allows you to visualize information when preparing documents, and our programs utilize Gantt charts to illustrate your project’s elements. Choose from several interfaces to ensure that your documents are easily retrievable while safely stored in our secure environment. We offer InLoox PM 8 that easily integrates into your Outlook interface, the InLoox PM 7 Web App, and InLoox now! Those who use the InLoox 8/7 Enterprise Server have the option of using Microsoft Exchange Server. Determine your requirements when choosing the best online task management system for your project’s needs.

When facilitating project coordination and handling task details, an effective online time management system is crucial to the success of the project. Careful planning, time allocation, ensuring an adequate budget, and making certain that each aspect of the project is the most effective way to reach completion and is vital for success. If one need is not met, the project has increased risk of failure. The system you choose must allow for ease of use, updates, and changes if needed. If a project task requires updating, those changes need to be made quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly. Because InLoox integrates with Microsoft Outlook, you can access your project plan and documents as if you were opening your email folder. The information you need is at your fingertips thanks to the Outlook toolbar. InLoox offers time management features and capabilities that enable you to set dates directly from your Outlook application. Scheduling is one of the most important features of project management, and you can keep track of your progress in a visual manner. This makes scheduling easy, quick, and effective. InLoox allows you to keep track of your projects, regardless of the size, scope, or industry. InLoox makes it trouble-free to work with teams, share documents, and view your project dashboard.

Creating projects with InLoox is quick and easy. By integrating with Outlook, project managers find they are using the same systems with which they are familiar. Accessing InLoox’s project overview is simple and allows managers to keep track of projects in a cohesive manner. Once in Outlook, a manager simply chooses the existing project or creates a new one. Project managers may set the start and finish time for the project and add managers, team members, customer information, and partner information directly in the panel. Category options allow greater organization of project tools, and each project may have a set priority level. Adding team members is simple, as managers may simply choose contacts from their Outlook address books. The team members are then instantly added to the project. InLoox also includes project planning templates that are integrated within the Outlook platform. These templates are an effective and convenient tool used for creating efficient documents, keeping track of time, creating budgets, cost estimates, and invoices, and managing project ideas. We also feature drag-and-drop solutions for setting time schedules. Once the time is selected, InLoox automatically updates all pertinent project information. Features such as drag-and-drop, layers, and embedding outside documents into the plan for team members ensure that managers have tools needed to create effective project plans in a time-saving manner. Managers have full control over project access and can add or remove users instantly as well as hide projects that were once viewed by others.

We provide real solutions for the varied needs project managers face on a daily basis. Purchase InLoox today and see for yourself how easy project organization can be. Or experience our fully functional free trial for 30 days before you buy. We’re confident you’ll find that InLoox is the best solution for your project management needs.