Why can InLoox Web App 7 not be used with InLoox PM 8

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Why can InLoox PM 7 Web App not be used with InLoox PM 8?


InLoox PM 8 contains many technical innovations that influence the data model.

Therefore, InLoox PM 7 Web App is currently not compatible with InLoox PM 8. For this reason, using both products in combination on one database is not possible. For the same reason, the InLoox Mobile Apps cannot be used in combination with InLoox PM 8 at the moment. 

Currently, we are working on the release of InLoox PM 8 Web App at full speed. This new, compatible version will presumably be available in the course of this year. Customers with a Software Service Agreement will receive the new version free of charge, as usual.

Existing customers who cannot do without browser access or without the InLoox Mobile Apps, are advised not to update to InLoox PM 8, but to continue to use version 7 instead.

When buying InLoox PM 8 products, all customers receive an additional downgrade option to the previous version 7, which is free of charge. This offers new customers or repurchasing customers the option to use a product version that is compatible with InLoox PM 7 Web App.

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