Set and edit project budgets in InLoox PM 7 Web App

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InLoox PM Web App clearly defines project budget by planned and actual expenses and revenues in minimum time. InLoox PM Web App provides following budget types as plan revenues, plan expenses, actual revenues and actual expenses. A budget has a status and usually contains positions.

Find out more about budget types in the Work with the budget list. For more information about budget positions, see Create and edit a budget position.

If you want to add a budget document, do the following:

  1. Open an existing project or create a new one.

    For more information on how to create a project, see Create a project.

  2. In the project, on the Start tab, in the Section group, click Budgets.
  3. On the Edit tab, in the Budgets group click New Planned Expense, New Planned Revenue, New Actual Expense or New Actual Revenue, depending on which budget type you want to create.
  4. In the dialog box New Budget / Edit Budgetdo the following:
    •  General information to the budget on the Standard tab
      • A unique budget number is formed from the type and a sequence number. The number cannot be changed and is not re-issued after the budget is deleted
      • Enter a name in the Name field. InLoox PM Web App affords such budget types as planned expense, planned revenue, actual expense and actual revenue.

          Use a unique name to make it easier for you and your customer to assign a budget from outside of InLoox PM Web App.

      • In this area define the budget status. Choose Accepted, Rejected or Open in the Status drop-down list.

        Use Open for example for not yet ordered offers or unpaid invoices. You can customize a status. For more information see Manage the budget status.

      • In the Budget area, in the Date field, choose a date. The actual date is set automatically, when creating a new budget.
      • In the Created by area click Created by... to add a person's name, who creates this budget document.
        • Use quick selection to add a new resource. Click Arrow . You can see in the drop-down list all resources, which have been added to the project.
        • Send an email message about the new created budget. Click email icon right to the Created by field. For more information see Select project team members, in a Send an email message section.
    • Further information to the budget on the Custom tab
      • Click in the previously created custom box and enter a new value for it.

        For more information on how to add a new custom field in InLoox PM Web App, see  Create a custom field.