Create the first project, create tasks & invite contacts

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Tasks in the task list & in a project

Tasks in the task list

After logging in, you will be taken directly to the project list. To create a task now, select Tasks in the left sidebar.

Tasks in the InLoox Sidebar

Here you can see your task list. On the top left above the task list there is a blue button labeled New Task. If you click this button, a new task with the name New Task will appear in your task list. If you click on this task, a side panel opens on the right side, where you can edit your task and store important information. Here, give the task a name, select start and end date with corresponding time and add a description. In addition, you can add task-relevant documents and assign the task to a group or a project.

Tasks in project

If you want to create a task that should be assigned directly to a project, you also have the option of creating tasks in the Projects area. To do this, go to Projects in the left sidebar and select the desired project by clicking on it. The project opens, in which you now select the tab Tasks, which opens the Kanban board. In the upper left corner, a blue button with the label New Task appears.

Add a new task to a project

Click this button, so that in the first column of the Kanban board at the top position a New Task with the name New Task appears. Directly in the Kanban board you can change the name of the task, assign it to an employee, select the end date and estimate the time needed. To do this, use the fields that appear when you move the cursor over the task. To edit the task and add more information, open it. To do this, click on the three vertically arranged dots in the upper right corner of the Kanban card and select Open Task. In this area, you can add a description or documents, among other things. 

Edit task

The dialog box for editing a task appears when you click on a task in the task list or in the Kanban board or when you click on the three vertically arranged dots in the top right corner of the task card in the Kanban board of a project and then select Open task.


Start and end date



Details - Assign person and project

Details - Color

Start and end date

You can specify either a start date only, an end date only (corresponding to the due date), or both start and end dates. You can customize your task list so that you always see the due date of your tasks. Additionally, they can be sorted by decreasing urgency. This way you can keep track of your tasks and never miss a deadline.

To the right of the start and end date fields, you will find fields that you can use to specify fixed times for the dates.

The timeline shows the duration between start and end of the task.

NOTE: These time specifications have nothing to do with the effort of a task, which is used for the calculation of resource utilization, time tracking entries or budget items.


Here you specify the amount of work you plan to do to complete the task. This information is used as the basis for calculating resource utilization, time tracking entries, and budget items. You can change this effort at any time here.


Add a text here as an additional description of the task.

Details - Assign person and project

Tasks can be assigned to persons and/or projects. Tasks that you create yourself will also be assigned to you automatically. You can assign a task to another person if this person is stored as a contact under People. Click on your name and then click on the name of the person to whom you want to assign the task. When you assign a task to another person, that person will be notified.

Tasks that you do not assign a project to will remain as personal tasks in your task list. To assign a project, you must first have created a project. If you now want to assign a project, click on Assign to a project and select the corresponding project by clicking on it.

Details - Color

You can give each task a color. To do this, open the task. In the header you will find the project image, the name and the current status in the upper left corner. To the right there is another field. Click this to open a window where you can select a color for your task. The color is displayed as a small card in the task list in the workspace next to the name of the task.

Bundle multiple tasks into one project

For easy task management, you can create individual tasks in the task list in the workspace. Interrelated tasks, which may also be time-dependent, are best bundled in a project.

Create a project

Click on Projects in the sidebar, where the project list is displayed, and then click on the blue button labeled New Project in the upper left corner.

The project tab in the sidebar

A new project will now appear in your project list, labeled New Project. Click on it to display the project in the sidepanel on the right. Here you can give the project a name in the header. On the top right, you can add more people next to your profile picture on the icon with the +. Under Manage you can further specify your project and enter a project description. Select the department, client and category. At the bottom you can write messages to the project team.

You now have two options to assign tasks to the project. Either you create new tasks in the project, under the Tasks tab, or you assign existing tasks to it.

Create tasks in the project

In the Tasks tab, click on the blue button labeled New Task in the upper right corner.

Add a new task to a project

In the Kanban board, a new task with the label New Task will appear in the leftmost column at the top. You can rename the task directly in the board. If you want to give the task a different status, drag it to the In Progress column, for example.

Assigning existing tasks to a project

To do this, go to the task list by clicking on Tasks in the left sidebar. In the task list, you will see all the tasks, including the tasks without project assignment. Click on the task to open the side panel for editing the task. Here, in the Project field, select the project to which you want to assign the task.

Assign an existing task to a new project

Create contacts and invite people

Contacts that do not work with InLoox Web App

Click Persons in the left sidebar to open your contact list.

Click the blue button labeled New Contact above the contact list on the right. A window will open where you can enter the person's email.

Field for adding the E-Mail of the new contact

Now click on Save and the new contact will appear in the contact list. If you click on it, a side panel will open on the left where you can add a picture and various information (title, name, address, phone number, etc.). You can also create a description. These contacts do not have any access to your InLoox Web App account and do not have to work with InLoox Web App to be created as a contact by you.


Team members working with InLoox Web App

If you have multiple InLoox Web App user licenses and are the administrator of the account, you can invite these people to your InLoox Web App account.

To invite work colleagues via the Persons section in the InLoox Web App, you first need to create a contact for them. Click the New Contact button in the upper right corner and store the appropriate data to do so. Once the contact is created, you just need to select it in the contact list. In the side panel that opens, select Invite to InLoox.

Invite an existing contact with no InLoox User Account

Thus, your work colleague will receive an email about the invitation with a corresponding link to accept it.

Alternatively, you can click on your own profile picture in the lower left corner. A side panel will open. In it there is a field with the description "Enter email address to invite". Enter here the mail address of your work colleague to invite them.

Invite people to InLoox

A third option is to invite them in the project, or in a specific task. Select the task for which the person to be invited should be responsible. Now click the Assign to button. Instead of selecting a person as usual, select Invite colleagues by e-mail from the drop-down menu at the bottom. Now enter the corresponding e-mail address again to invite the person.

Invite a colleague by assigning a task to them

Tip In order for the invited person to be able to work with InLoox Web App immediately, you have to grant him the corresponding permissions. To do so, go to Options-Permissions-User-based. Click next to the name of the invited person to set user-based permissions for this user in the drop-down menu. For example, to give this person the opportunity to get to know InLoox Web App in detail, give him all rights and additionally administrator rights.

A contact card is also created for the invited person at once, so that you can immediately assign tasks or project roles to this person.

Note You can only invite as many people to your InLoox Web App account as you have purchased user licenses. If you have too few licenses to invite another person to InLoox Web App, the system will inform you when you try to invite them. If you want to give an already assigned user license to a new InLoox user, you first have to delete the existing user licensing in the Options-Licensing-User Licenses.