The workload chart

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The workload chart below the resources overview shows you the cumulated workload data of your entire company, of a department, of a project team, or of an individual resource. It shows you a visual overview of the workload in the specified time range. The workload chart shows you the allocation of resources, depending on which group or resource you have selected from the resource list. This means that the workload chart is dependent on the resource overview. If you have not selected a group or resource from the resource list, then the workload chart won’t show any data.

These rules apply to the workload chart: 

  • blue area shows that a resource is busy in the specified time frame, but not over-allocated. The height of the bars shows how busy a resource is in percent.
  • striped blue area shows that a resource is over-allocated in the specified time frame. The height of the bars shows how busy – or over-allocated a resource is in percent.
  • You can immediately see when a resource is working to capacity from the horizontal blue line at the height of 100%. So, if the bars go over that line that means that a resource is over-allocated in that time frame.
  • The horizontal green line shows the average workload of a team or resource. We recommend an average workload of 60-70%, as resources often have to do day-to-day business tasks in addition to project work. This way you ensure that your team members are not overworked.
  • vertical blue line displays the current day.