Selected project list features

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Selected project list features

To get to the project list, click on the InLoox tab, then click on Projects in the Outlook Ribbon.

 1. Functions in the InLoox Ribbon

On the Start tab, in the InLoox Ribbon, you can find additional functions that make your work in the project list easier.


Administrators can define the categories as well as the different statuses individually in the InLoox settings.


2. Open or create a project

Open project

Double-click the desired project in the project list. Or right-click on the project to open the context menu and select Open project.


Create project

Right-click the project to open the context menu and select New Project. Alternatively, you can select New Project under the Start tab.


3. The context menu and helpful shortcuts

The context menu offers almost all functions that are also available in the InLoox Ribbon. To open the context menu, right-click in the project list.


For more information on how to structure the project list, see Create a view.


Helpful keyboard shortcuts

  • F5 - refresh the project list.
  • CTRL+P - Print the project list.
  • CTRL+C - Copy a project to the clipboard.
  • CTRL+V - Paste a project from the clipboard to the project list.