Create global project reports

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For global project reports you can use all data of all projects you have access to. However, you can select data from a specific project, too. 

1. Click on Projects in the Outlook navigation bar, to open the project overview.

Navigation bar projects

2.Afterwards, open the Start tab and click on Reports >> Create Report.

Create a new report

3. A new window will open. Therein you determine the project/projects you want to include in your report.

4. Moreover, you can include project requests by ticking the check-box Include project requests. In the case of project requests some of the default reports do not make sense, because usually project requests do not contain very much information expect information from the management page. 

5. Choose the template you want to use. For more information on in InLoox included standard templates, read >> Standard InLoox reports.

>> Afterwards, you can create filters in the areas Tasks, Planning, Time and Budgets within this window. For more information see >> Filter report data