Passing parameter values

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In this topic, you will learn how to pass parameter values to a dashboard.


You can filter a data source or apply filtering to a specific dashboard item according to the current parameter value using the Filter Editor.

 For more information about filter, see Filter data via the filter editor section in the Search and find in projects topic.

In the Filter Editor, you can compare a field value with the following objects.

Thus, to compare a field value with a parameter value, click the  button, then click the  button.

Calculated Fields

You can use parameters when constructing expressions for calculated fields. A parameter is inserted into the expression using the “Parameters.” prefix.

To see a list of available parameters, click Parameters in the Expression Editor dialog.

Custom SQL Queries

You can include parameters in a data source custom SQL query in the Query Designer. To do this, use the parameter name. For instance, you can include a parameter to a WHERE clause or to a stored procedure.