Short Cuts in InLoox

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Short cuts in InLoox Web App help you be more efficient when navigating through InLoox or if you are more comfortable using your keyboard instead of your mouse. More short cuts will be implemented in future.

Shorts cuts are currently implemented for:

Short cuts in the navigation bar

  • Alt + 1: Takes you to InLoox Workplace
  • Alt + 2: Takes you to InLoox Projects overview
  • Alt + 3: Takes you to InLoox Tasks overview
  • Alt + 4: Takes you to InLoox Time tracking overview
  • Alt + 5: Takes you to InLoox Track (requires Microsoft 365)
  • Alt + 6: Takes you to InLoox People with your contacts
  • Alt + 7: Takes you to InLoox Workload
  • Alt + 8: Takes you to InLoox Dashboards
  • Alt + 9: Takes yout to InLoox Reports

Short cuts in the Planning Gantt-chart

  • Del deletes a selected activity (InLoox asks for confirmation)
  • Alt + a adds a new activity to your Gantt
  • Alt + m adds a new milestone to your Gantt
  • Alt + t adds a new tasks to your Gantt
  • Alt + plus lets you zoom in
  • Alt + minus lets you zoom out
  • Alt + c collapses all Gantt plan elements
  • Alt + e expands all Gantt plan elements
  • Ctrl + a selects all Gantt plan elements