Clients and client numbers

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Since InLoox 11.8 you can create new customers and edit existing customers in the account settings. You can also define the way the customer number is created.

IMPORTANT You need to be the admin for you InLoox account in order to have the permission to access the account settings.


Create and edit customers

Define the numbering

Create and edit clients

InLoox Client Settings - Create new Client

As the admin of your organisaion's InLoox Account, you can create new clients.

  1. Open InLoox Web App and click on your profile picture.
  2. Click on Account settings and then on Clients in the menu bar.
  3. Click on New and a window opens where you type in the name of the new client and then click save.

The new client is added to the list.

Edit an existing client

If you need to change the name of an existing client in your list, simply click on the name and type in the changes. 

If you want to also change the client number, click on the pen-icon to edit the number.

Define the client numbering

InLoox Client Setting - Numbering

You can define the principle used to create the client number.

In the InLoox Account settings, click on Clients and then on the tab Numbering.

A client number can consist of the following parts:

  • Prefix
  • Sequence number
  • Suffix

We recommend that you use regular expressions to define the prefix and suffix consistently and to use sequential numbers.

You can also use a fixed text to define the prefix or suffix. However, you should not use the year here, as you would then have to adjust this field manually when the year changes.

If you have selected custom text for the prefix and suffix, all InLoox users with the rights "Edit project" + "Edit manage" can enter the prefix themselves manually. This may mean that you do not have uniform client numbering.

Of course, the client number can only be the sequence number. If this is the case, simply remove the checkmark next to Prefix and Suffix.

If you do not want to work with client numbers at all, uncheck all three boxes.