Move document into another folder

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in the documents area in InLoox you can simply drag and drop documents to other folders.

However, you can also move documents linked to a task, an activity or milestone directly in the respective element to another folder:

  1. Open a project in InLoox, go to the kanban board and open a task. Alternatively, go to planning and open a Gantt elements (activity or milestone or task).
  2. In the task you see all the documens, that are linked to it. Click on the folder structure icon of the document you want to move to another folder.

    Dokumente: Anpassen des Speicherorts

  3. In the window Move to Folder, InLoox highlights the current folder in blue.
  4. Now, select the folder, you want to move the document into.
  5. Then click Move.

Tip If you cannot find the right folder destination, you can use the search bar to type in the folder name. InLoox will display the corresponding folders for you to select from.