Online training: Key user training for groups

Details & Pricing

Course type: Online training

Language: English

Duration: 12 hours (individual allocation of sessions)

Participants: max. 5 people

Pricing: upon request


  • Internet connection and common browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) in the current version and Microsoft Outlook as of version 2016
  • Per participant 2 monitors, 1 headset, 1 camera, good internet connection


The training date will be set individually after consultation with you.

Please, would you indicate in the comments field your preferred date and time for this training and a callback phone number.

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The course is aimed at InLoox Power Users who are to use InLoox in a lead role and guide others. However, experience with InLoox is not essential.


Participants should receive guidance on how to use InLoox professionally and to support and train others.

Course Description

This training is modular. It includes a general part and an in-depth part. The scope and the depth of detail go beyond the introductory training. You will learn how to use InLoox optimally and receive practical tips for the implementation and training of InLoox. The training consists of theory and practice. The basic functions are explained and then tried out under expert guidance. All participants create their own project during the training and practice working with it.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Setting options (assigning permissions, inviting participants, creating custom fields and calendars)
  • Creating a new project, defining responsibilities
  • Brainstorming with mindmaps
  • Creating a project schedule with tasks
  • Going through workflow for tasks and learning to train
  • "Follow up" and delegate
  • Recording project work hours, reporting back on progress
  • Project related document management
  • Project communication with notes and notifications
  • Budgeting of projects incl. calculation
  • Increase acceptance for working with InLoox
  • Project management within InLoox
  • Introduction to editing the options for the basic settings of InLoox
  • Permissions
  • Document path and folder
  • Creating your own fields
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