Online training: Introduction to InLoox for one

Details & Pricing

Course number:

Course type: Online training

Language: English

Duration: 4 hours (flexible allocation of sessions)

Participants: 1 Person

Pricing: $500.00 (plus VAT)


  • Internet connection and common browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) in the current version and Microsoft Outlook version 2016 or later
  • 2 monitors, 1 headset 1 camera, good internet connection.
  • There should be 1 project created in advance for practice.


The training date will be set individually after consultation with you.

Please indicate in the comment field which training date you would like as well as a callback number.

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The course is intended for InLoox users who are not supposed to create projects, but only to edit tasks.


You will receive instructions on how to use InLoox tasks to support project work.

Course description

Learn how to use InLoox in an optimal way. The training consists of theory and practice. The basic functions are explained and then tried out under expert guidance. All participants create tasks during the training and practice working with them.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Showing: Creating a new project, defining responsibilities.
  • Showing: Creating a project schedule with tasks
  • Exercise: Creating and delegating tasks
  • Exercise: Dealing with task lists
  • Exercise: Working off tasks
  • Exercise: Entering project working times (optional, on request)
  • Exercise: Filing and editing project documents
  • Exercise: Project communication with notes and notifications