Online training: Individual training session with an expert

Details and Pricing

  • Course number: PM-TC-O05-EN
  • Course type: Online training (please see information regarding online trainings below)
  • Price: 
    • For individuals: $150.- per hour (plus VAT)
    • For groups (up to 10 persons): $180.- per hour (plus VAT)

The training session is a supplement to the introductory training course and does not replace it. The individual training sessions enable you to refresh what you have learned in the introductory training course and discuss specific cases with the InLoox experts. 


Please request your individual quote here. Please, would you indicate in the comments field your preferred date and time for this training and a callback phone number.

Your customized online training


  • Description

    Individual training with an expert

    This training session is tailored to your individual questions regarding the use and the configuration of InLoox. It is intended to answer all questions that cannot be answered by standard support.

    An InLoox expert will answer your questions in an in-depth one-on-one talk and will give you individual hands-on advice. Whether you need advice on how to make the best use of InLoox in a particular application situation or you need help when starting your first project with InLoox - this training session is designed to answer all kinds of individual questions.

  • Possible subjects
    • Deploying InLoox in a special system environment
    • Making the best use of InLoox in a particular project
    • An expert's recommendations for your first steps with InLoox
  • Objective and target audience

    This training session is designed to suit the needs of everyone using InLoox who has special or in-depth questions and who needs expert advice – whether they are project managers, project team members or system administrators. 
    The objective of this training is to answer your individual InLoox questions in an one-on-one talk with an expert.

  • Online training information

    All you need for this online training are two screens, a headset, a webcam and a computer with a good internet connection. For group sessions, we recommend a speaker phone.

    • We will schedule the date and time for this course type individually with you.
    • Language: English