Transition to Work From Home & Remote Work

with the Project Management Solutions from InLoox

Work from home & remote work with the project management software from InLoox

Working from home is becoming more and more popular among employers and employees. Nevertheless, working from home comes with some pitfalls as well as technical and organizational challenges.

Project management software helps you manage your employees' transition to remote work smoothly. Get started right away with our free templates and enable your employees to work from home or keep track of technical requests from your remote workers:

  • Planning template: Transition to work from home
  • Tasks template: Coordinate requests from your remote team
  • List template: Checklist for successful virtual team collaboration

Templates: Create the right conditions for productive work from home

Smooth transition to remote work

What are the pitfalls to be aware of and what are the technical requirements? With this InLoox planning template, you can handle the transition to remote work as smoothly as possible. 


Requests from remote teams

Use this task template to structure all IT requests that remote employees make to internal IT. The camera doesn't work or a headset is broken? No problem, with InLoox no request is lost. 


Successful virtual collaboration

Check how well virtual collaboration works in your team with this InLoox list template. Or use the checklist and the numerous included tips to improve remote collaboration in your team. 


How it works

Create a test account & import the templates

You are only a few clicks away from your first InLoox project. To start directly, simply follow the steps below.

  • 1. Create a free test account

    Create a test account here: Free Trial. (You're already an InLoox user? Then you can skip this step)

    • Activate your account by clicking on the activation link in the welcome email. 
    • Install the Outlook client
  • 2. Download the template & open it in InLoox

    Download the desired template. Open InLoox from your Outlook inbox (InLoox tab >> Projects), create a new project (Start tab >> New Project) and use the ribbon to swith to the project area for which the template is intended. You can identify this by the file type of the template: 

    • Planning in a project: example.inlooxplanning
    • Mindmap in a project: example.inlooxmindmap
  • 3. Import template
    • In the corresponding InLoox area (Planning or Mind Maps in the project) click on the Templates tab and then on Import templates.
    • Select InLoox template from the drop-down list and select the template you downloaded in step 2.
    • Click Open to load the template into InLoox

    Now you can directly customize and extend the template according to your needs.

  • 4. Schedule a free web demo

    If you want to learn more about InLoox, you can arrange a personal web demo

    • Individual web demo tailored to your needs and requirements
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    • Find out why over 60,000 users worldwide rely on InLoox for their project management

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