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Manage Human Resource (HR) projects with the project management software from InLoox

A shortage of skilled workers, demographic change and the increasing flexibility of work structures are constantly presenting HR managers with new challenges. In order to make the organization fit for the future with strategic projects in the area of human resources (HR), HR project managers today are confronted with extensive change projects.

To ensure you don't lose sight of the day-to-day tasks alongside large strategic projects, project management software helps you stay on top of things. Get started now with our templates for HR projects:

  • Recruiting campaign
  • Onboarding of new employees
  • Offboarding of existing employees

Templates for Human Resource (HR) Projects

Recruiting campaign

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified applicants. More and more sophisticated campaigns are needed to attract attention on the job market. Make room for creativity by organizing your recruiting process with InLoox.


Onboarding project

To ensure that no important detail is forgotten in the onboarding process and that new employees can get started right away on their first day of work, record all steps of the onboarding process with the help of an InLoox project plan and tasks.


Offboarding project

The topic of privacy protection, e.g. the GDPR in the EU, has once again intensified the urgency of managed offboarding processes according to firmly defined standards. Start with the InLoox template and standardize your offboarding processes.


How it works

Create a test account & import the templates

You are only a few clicks away from your first InLoox project. To start directly, simply follow the steps below.

  • 1. Create a free test account

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    • Activate your account by clicking on the activation link in the welcome email. 
    • Install the Outlook client
  • 2. Download the template & open it in InLoox

    Download the desired template. Open InLoox from your Outlook inbox (InLoox tab >> Projects), create a new project (Start tab >> New Project) and use the ribbon to swith to the project area for which the template is intended. You can identify this by the file type of the template: 

    • Planning in a project: example.inlooxplanning
    • Mindmap in a project: example.inlooxmindmap
  • 3. Import template
    • In the corresponding InLoox area (Planning or Mind Maps in the project) click on the Templates tab and then on Import templates.
    • Select InLoox template from the drop-down list and select the template you downloaded in step 2.
    • Click Open to load the template into InLoox

    Now you can directly customize and extend the template according to your needs.

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