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Implement successful CSR projects with InLoox

The area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability management is very diverse. They range from environmental protection and biodiversity to the interests of employees and taking responsibility for the environemt as well as supply chains and investments abroad. Implement your CSR projects successfully and on time with the help of the project management software InLoox and our free template!

Free template: Guide for the development of a CSR strategy

InLoox enables you to approach the development of a CSR strategy systematically. Our guide provides an overview of the most important steps: from the stakeholder analysis to the identification of megatrends and the comparison of opportunities and risks with the corporate strategy to the definition of areas of action and goals. Download the free planning template now and get started with your CSR strategy. 

How it works

Create a test account & import the templates

You are only a few clicks away from your first InLoox project. To start directly, simply follow the steps below.

  • 1. Create a free test account

    Create a test account here: Free Trial. (You're already an InLoox user? Then you can skip this step)

    • Activate your account by clicking on the activation link in the welcome email. 
    • Install the Outlook client
  • 2. Download the template & open it in InLoox

    Download the desired template. Open InLoox from your Outlook inbox (InLoox tab >> Projects), create a new project (Start tab >> New Project) and use the ribbon to swith to the project area for which the template is intended. You can identify this by the file type of the template: 

    • Planning in a project: example.inlooxplanning
    • Mindmap in a project: example.inlooxmindmap
  • 3. Import template
    • In the corresponding InLoox area (Planning or Mind Maps in the project) click on the Templates tab and then on Import templates.
    • Select InLoox template from the drop-down list and select the template you downloaded in step 2.
    • Click Open to load the template into InLoox

    Now you can directly customize and extend the template according to your needs.

  • 4. Schedule a free web demo

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