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Successful Project Management with InLoox 9
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Leading Companies in more than 50 Countries Worldwide Choose InLoox

Siemens, Novartis, HP, or US Airways are more productive with InLoox
Siemens, Novartis, HP, or US Airways are more productive with InLoox
Siemens, Novartis, HP, or US Airways are more productive with InLoox
Siemens, Novartis, HP, or US Airways are more productive with InLoox

4 Steps for Successful Project Management

1. Effective Task Management

Quickly generate tasks from e-mails, assign them to a project or keep them as free tasks. Assign team members, set deadlines and have everybody involved in the loop so that they know who needs to do what until when.

2. Clear Communication

Be up to date with automatic notifications on status changes in tasks, activities or projects. Get all necessary information in a flash and in real time to keep track of the current project status.

3. Simple Document Management

Attach important documents to tasks or activities making them available for project team members. Manage all your other documents independently from projects and have everything readily available at one place. 

4. Comprehensive Planning

For bigger projects use the Gantt-chart view for a concise visualization, keep track of all your diverse tasks in the Kanban view, or allocate and manage resources with the resource planning feature. This gives you a structured overview of project progress, the status of tasks, and available capacities of team members for meetings and follow-ups. 

Benefit from the InLoox Outlook Integration
Plan better, manage smarter, collaborate easier

  • Use your Outlook calendar events, tasks, contacts, and emails directly for your task and project management
  • Automatic synchronization of InLoox and Outlook
  • Familiar user interface makes for intuitive handling
  • High user acceptance & low break in time

Flexibility, Collaboration, Transparency
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task progress with Kanban

reports for analyses

project planning with Gantt

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Integrated Project Management Software - for Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone

The project management software InLoox operates within Microsoft Outlook® and the Web, simplifying and combining the organization of projects, documents, resources and budgets. InLoox provides highly effective support for everyday standard business processes.

InLoox is a full-featured business management software product that helps you save time on project planning, processing, tracking, scheduling, resource management and completing your project successfully. Old project planning software and management software tools put the burden of creating and updating project plans on the manager's shoulders. InLoox offers an online project planning software solution at a fraction of the costs of enterprise project management suites.

InLoox makes your project planning and management quicker and easier for team members. It is the project tracking and project management software you need to make collaboration among the teams and team members effective.

InLoox project management software can improve the quality and speed of your company's client interactions, InLoox's powerful reporting skills and features such as workflow notifications facilitate improved project risk management software solution for people separated by vast distances and time-zones. It can also be the perfect time tracking and project planning software tool for team members working in one office as well as for geographically dispersed teams. With InLoox, your company will be equipped to complete each project on time and in budget.

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The purpose of InLoox PM as a project management software is to assist your team in project scheduling, project planning, resource management, project tracking, task management, time management and project collaboration.
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