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Project management plays a significant role in nearly every industry from software development over engineering and construction to marketing, research and many more. Who doesn't work with to-do lists and Gantt charts? IT project management, like every industry, has its own special set of challenges and needs. The first question, that needs to be answered, is: What is IT project management? IT project management comprises managing all the processes and activities required to successfully deliver the undertakings in an IT department. Moreover, it can also involve the management of projects dealing with the company's IT infrastructure, information systems or, very generally, computer technology. 

What is an IT Project?

As implied above, IT project management spans a great variety of project types and could be any undertaking that is associated with IT infrastructure and computer technology. This also includes software development projects, like programming any kind of software from simple mobile apps to large scale systems. It also entails Web development such as the creation of a company's web page or the development of an entire enterprise Web infrastructure. Common IT project categories are:

  • Service
  • Software development
  • System deployment
  • Infrastructure
  • Change management
  • Research

Match Supply and Demand — An IT Dilemma

Most IT departments face a major dilemma: They have only a fixed supply of resources but a never-ending flow of demand. One, they have to provide ongoing maintenance services to keep the organization's existing IT infrastructure up-to-date and running. Two, they have to evaluate, develop, schedule, implement and roll out new systems to optimize and automate crucial business processes. And on top of that, every single project, ideally, should be completed as soon as possible — as in "Now".

From developing a project plan, project inception to delivery, IT project managers and teams face several challenges. The biggest challenge remains keeping projects on task and meeting target deadlines, despite the ever changing requirements. Additionally, finishing projects within the set target is one of the major challenges. In most projects, the buget is determined at the beginning of the undertaking and only seldom do the calculations accommodate for unexpected costs that may arise while the project is underway. 

An IT project management software helps you and your team to prioritize tasks, stay on track with project activities and monitor project costs to achieve successful project delivery in time and within budget. InLoox project management software solutions for IT teams provide the all the tools you need to:

  • Prioritize, schedule and review your project portfolio
  • Develop, implement and roll out new products and serices
  • Track and manage change requests
  • Resolve IT system issues
  • Collaborate with team members, stakeholders and external partners in one central platform

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