InLoox Management Team

Tiziano Panico, Founder & President/CEO at InLoox

Tiziano Panico

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tiziano Panico has overall responsibility for the product strategy, development and quality management of InLoox project management software. As a founder of InLoox, he is extremely committed to exceed best in class expectations for the software engineered by InLoox. He brings over 15 years of engineering, business and product management experience to InLoox. 

Andreas Tremel, Founder & Treasurer/CMO at InLoox

Andreas Tremel

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Andreas Tremel focuses on InLoox's corporate image as well as external and organizational communications. He is extremely passionate about our software and handles the "make us famous" to go with the "make us good". As one of the founders of InLoox, he has been instrumental in creating our company culture and brings over 15 years of experience in communication, brand management and leadership to InLoox.

Martin Grünert, Head of Product Development at InLoox

Martin Gruenert

Head of Product Development

Martin Gruenert is responsible for the software development and quality management. He has been with InLoox from day one and contributed to the development of the company's product portfolio. A passionate software architect, he has over 12 years of professional programming experience. 

Carola Moresche, Head of International Marketing and Corporate Communications at InLoox

Carola Moresche

Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications

Carola Moresche is responsible for InLoox's corporate positioning, market awareness and customer marketing initiatives. She is a marketing and communications expert with experience in B2B, Online Marketing, and corporate communications.

Aaron McCardell, Content Developer at InLoox

Aaron McCardell

Content Developer

Aaron McCardell is responsible for content development, dealing mostly with InLoox's social media activities and external communications to help propel the company and its products. He brings more than 10 years of project management, team building and marketing experience to InLoox.

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