To access the global task list, click Tasks in the menu on the left.

The task option in the left sidepanel

The global task list displays all tasks from all projects in which you have at least read permission. You can group by columns, filter or sort within columns, and show and hide columns, similar to Office lists. Views can be saved as a template and made available to other InLoox Web App users.

Column selection: Add or remove columns

In the upper right corner, click on the button with the three vertically arranged dots. 

The Dropdown-Menu in the task section

Click Select columns under Actions here.

Tab for choosing the needed columns

A column selection window will open. From here you can drag and drop the desired columns into your table at the desired position. If you want to remove existing columns, simply drag and drop the existing column header into the column selection window. The arrangement of your selected columns also works by drag and drop. The columns can be moved individually in the view, so you can put together a view that suits you.