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InLoox now! Security

The security, availability and integrity of your InLoox now! project data is of great importance to us. Therefore we have installed technical measures, safety features and binding corporate procedures: 

  • Datahosting in certified data centers (ISO/IEC 27001:2005)
  • Simultaneous deployment on indipendently run systems ("Hot Spare"-system)
  • Daily, automatically generated backups of your project data 
  • Georedundant document storage
  • Encrypted communication (SSL)

Data Reliability

InLoox automatically backups your project database every day. This reduces the risk of data loss. The platform is deployed on high availability multi-site SQL database clusters. Each user account is run on its invidivual, isolated database schema. The geo redundant document storage ensures business continuity in case of a failover.

Physical Security

Our data centers employ various measures to help protect operations from power failure and network outages. Highly secured access mechanisms are in use to prevent physical intrusion. 

Fault-Tolerance & Redundancy

The network is monitored by the Network Operations Center 24x7 to detect anomalies or potential network issues. Each layer of the platform infrastructure is designed to continue operations in the event of failure, including redundant network devices at each layer and dual Internet service provieders at each datacenter.


We regard personal information as private and take reasonable and customary measures to appropriately handle personally identifiable information. Additionally, access to project data is secured by multi-layered security checks. The role- and account-based security architecture ensures that only authorized personnel is granted access to sensitive data.

More information on how to assign permission rights.

Network Security

All servers - and in consequence your data - are designed to provide "Defense in Depth", reducing the risk that failure of one security mechanism will compromise the security of the entire environment. The Defense in Depth layers include firewalls, filterung routers, pertinant and timely updated security patches as well as cryptographic protection of messages.

Certified Security

InLoox now! is based on Microsoft Azure which has been awarded ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certification, an international standard for information security. This includes pro-active management of information security risks and controls. Additionally, this high-end certificate guarantees that Microsoft Azure has well-established information-security structures running throughout the organization.

Read more on the Microsoft Azure website.

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