Data backup of InLoox 5 Workgroup and MS SQL Server

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I would like to carry out an InLoox 5 workgroup and MS SQL Server data backup, but I don't know how.



Please consider following prerequisites:

  • MSXML 6
  • SQL Native Client
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management Object Collection

You can download the complete feature pack here:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Publishing Wizard

It can be found here:

Strategy: Please carry out a direct environment-independent backup of the MS SQL database.
Please note: You need administrator rights to install the programs and appropriate authorizations on the database. In order to be able to create the environment-independent backup, you need the Microsoft Publishing Wizard.
The procedure is self-describing:

  1. Start the Publishing Wizard.
  2. Enter the SQL server name and the connecting parameters.
  3. Look for the appropriate data base (standard: inloox).
  4. Select the folder where you want to store the backup and specify a name.
  5. Important: The data types have to be “schema and data”.
  6. Run the backup.