How will requests or suggestions for improvement be used?

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Will requests or suggestions for improvement be considered?


We consider all requests - our product is based on practical relevance. We categorize requests into general and special requests.
General requests will, normally, be realized in the next update/upgrade (depending on the expected effort of the realization and the relevance to the wider customer-base). These changes will be made available to all customers.
Special requests are those, which are only relevant to one customer or, at most, a small number of customers. These requests will, generally, be realized at an additional charge. We develop a new concept as well as a cost estimate and timeline, which we, then, present to the customer. Under certain circumstances, we may offer a discount for special requests. 
We do not publish the timelines or the features of "major" functionality. We maintain an internal product planning and will be happy to respond to specific requests as to whether a particular feature is expected to be in an upcoming release or not.