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To back up all of your InLoox PM data you can use the correspondent tool producer.

A regular data backup is carried out as follows:

InLoox PM edition



It is sufficient to make regular copies of the InLoox PM files on CD-ROM or tape. The data file, which normally has the extension .SDF (SQL Server Database File), must not be opened in any program. The standard name of the file is InLoox.mdf. The file is stored in the InLoox PM installation folder.

Workgroup Server and Enterprise Server

Save the entire InLoox PM database on the server where it is published. You can use any software which supports the backup of databases during operation (scheme and data) and which is suitable for your database system.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to backup offline copies (database replications) located on the users' computers. We recommend to synchronize workstations with the database server at frequent intervals; this strategy reduces the risk of losing changes which were made offline.


Documents stored in InLoox PM must be backed up separately. InLoox PM only saves links to these objects, a backup of the InLoox PM database is not sufficient to back up the documents as well. The backup strategy and software depend on the storage location of the documents (files on the local computer, the server or the SharePoint document library), the number of users and the data volumes.