Geo point map

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Data sections in the Geo Point Map

Latitude  the data section accepts geographic latitude points.

Longitude  the data section accepts geographic longitude points.

Value  the data section accepts values related to geographic points.


Alle buttons for customizing the dashboard item are on the Design tab.

Dashboard ships with a set of default maps showing various parts of the world. The following maps are included.

Dashboard uses a Shapefile vector format to provide custom maps. Commonly, this format includes two file types. To open an existing shapefile, use the Load Map or Import Map button in the Ribbon. In the invoked dialog, locate the required .shp file.

Master Filtering

Dashboard allows you to use any data-aware dashboard item as a filter for the entire dashboard (Master Filter).

 To learn more, see the Master filtering topic that describes filtering concepts common to all dashboard items.

When filtering is enabled, an end-user can click a callout (or multiple a callouts by holding down the CTRL key) to make other dashboard items display only data related to selected a callout(s). 

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