Secure project data with a backup

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To back up all your InLoox data, you can use the appropriate tools provided by the manufacturers.

To back up your data regularly according to the InLoox On-Prem edition:

InLoox On-Prem-edition Approach
Personal It is sufficient to regularly save copies of the InLoox data file on CD-ROM or a tape drive. The data file, which usually has the .SDF (SQL Server Database File) extension, must not be open in any program. By default, the file is named InLoox.mdf. It is located in the InLoox installation folder.
Workgroup Server and Enterprise Server

Back up the complete InLoox database to the server where you have published the InLoox database. You can use any software that supports backing up databases (schema and data) on the fly for the database management system you use.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to back up the offline copies (replications) of your users. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly synchronize the workstation computers with the database server in order not to lose changes made in the offline state.

Important note: The documents stored in InLoox have to be backed up separately. Since InLoox only stores links to the objects, backing up the InLoox database is not sufficient to back up the documents as well. The backup strategy and software depends on the location of the documents (file system of the local computer or server computer, SharePoint document library), the number of users and the data volume.