People/ Contact management

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The InLoox contact feature is a global contact management tool. It can be used as an alternative to the exchange server. InLoox contacts (people) as well as address books are accessible for all InLoox database users. Additionally, the user can create own contacts and address books that are not visible for everyone.

All InLoox now! users need the contact management for adding new users to InLoox now!.

Tip: Since InLoox 9 for Outlook, you don’t need to activate the contact feature as it is now active by default.

Important: This default setting is valid for all InLoox versions except InLoox Personal Edition and InLoox Personal Plus Edition.  Those versions don’t offer the InLoox contact feature. Therefore the People button is not visible in the ribbon. In the tree structure the People tab is visible, but the feature is deactivated.   


InLoox People in the ribbon:

InLoox people in the ribbon


InLoox People in the tree structure: 

InLoox people in the tree structure