Dashboard items layout

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The Dashboard Designer provides the capability to arrange and resize dashboard items in various ways, using simple drag-and-drop operations. You can also arrange and resize dashboard items using an API provided by the Dashboard.

Item Resizing

You can resize individual items within a specific layout group (or an entire group) by dragging their edges.

Item Positioning

You can change the position of a dashboard item via drag-and-drop, using one of the following approaches.

Depending on the required dashboard item position, a new layout group is created (if required) to maintain the arrangement of items. Thus, the dashboard item can be inserted to the desired area of a new or existing dashboard layout group.

The drag-and-drop indicator shows possible positions for the dashboard item...

...and sequentially displays areas that can be occupied by the dashboard item. The image below illustrates how a dashboard item is dragged.

You cannot move the layout group to a position within its own subtree.