InLoox PM 10.2.2 (March 27th, 2020)
(Database version 10.0)

InLoox for Outlook:

New functionalities

  • Documents can be renamed in document section 


  • Fixed issue that mails could remain in outbox
  • Fixed scroll behavior and layout in time tracking dialog
  • Fixed issue when opening contacts
  • Fixed issue in budget calculation
  • Fixed issue in mind map printing
  • Fixed issue while importing check lists
  • Fixed issue in report generation
  • Fixed issue while loading time tracking descriptions
  • Fixed issue in resource overview
  • Improved performance in resource overview
  • Fixed issue which could result in double client license when using InLoox now!
  • Optimized dashboard performance (filters are passed to the database)
  • Fixed issue while changing task date in Gantt planning
  • Fixed issue which might result in lost mind map Nodes
  • Time warning in project list is now displayed correctly
  • Fixed issue with pictures in report generation
  • Improved offline sync performance
  • Fixed issue while copying projects
  • Fixed issue in migration from InLoox PM to InLoox now!
  • Reports: custom fields of planning items are displayed again
  • Fixed issue in backwards planning
  • Fixed issue in project requests
  • Fixed issue which could result in doubled budgets
  • Email preview with 32Bit Outlook is working again
  • Fixed issue while categorizing projects
  • Task and time tracking dialog are prompting a dialog when closing without OK button
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