InLoox PM 10.1 (January 08, 2019)
(Database version 10.0)

InLoox for Outlook:

New features

  • Support for MS Project 2016 and 2019
  • Delegated tasks can now be displayed in the task list
  • Support for Outlook 2019


  • Error when opening projects in the project map view fixed
  • Incorrect display of date format in planning fixed
  • Error when changing the project status fixed
  • Optimized performance in reports
  • Error in database migration fixed
  • Context ribbon in task page panel can now be used
  • The due date of the task now corresponds to the end of the task.
  • Error when importing contacts fixed
  • Bug in project search fixed
  • Error when deleting tasks fixed
  • Error in budget templates fixed
  • Error in the quick update bar fixed
  • Error in the resource overview in the address book dialog fixed
  • Links can be opened directly in the project notes
  • Negative progress in planning fixed
  • Fixed bug when deleting teams in resource usage view
  • Memory problems with offline synchronization fixed
  • Fixed license problem with offline synchronization
  • Error when saving project fixed
  • Error when copying a project fixed
  • Error in SQL connection fixed
  • Error during import of planning templates fixed
  • Error in planning view fixed
  • Authorization problem in the OneClick bar fixed

InLoox Web App:


  • Incorrect display in the budget view fixed
  • Error when changing the email address fixed
  • Links can be opened directly in the project notes
  • Improved layout in the work center
  • Error when opening tasks fixed
  • Error when loading the task description fixed
  • Incorrect display in the time recording list corrected
  • Error when deleting task comments fixed
  • Error when closing the Excel Editor fixed
  • Fixed incorrect view in the task overview
  • Error when adding descriptions to time recording entries fixed
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