InLoox PM 10.0.5 (October 22, 2018)
(Database version 10.0)

InLoox for Outlook:


  • Generate reports from archived projects
  • Improved performance while generating reports
  • Added more visible columns in linking documents view
  • Fixed exception during project list refresh
  • Fixed error while storing mails with Windows 10 Update 1809
  • Fixed error while creating tasks from emails
  • Dialogs aren’t opened in the background
  • Fixed error while renaming mind map node
  • Fixed error while deleting summary activities
  • Fixed error in notification (“document added”)
  • Fixed error in multi selection of custom fields
  • Fixed order while linking activities with time tracking entries
  • Fixed activities progress calculation (negative progress)
  • Added more fields to dashboard data source “PlanningVersioned”
  • Fixed error in project figures with neutral budgets
  • Fixed permissions in in one click bar
  • Fixed calculation of “booked hours” in dashboards
  • Fixed error while initializing Personal Edition
  • Fixed error in database creating with regional setting “Suisse”
  • Fixed error while saving project requests
  • Fixed error in custom fields of type “List”
  • Fixed error while deleting budgets
  • Fixed error in budget report filter

InLoox Web App:


  • Fixed error while editing and saving own profile
  • Fixed error in global task list
  • Multiple mentions in notes are possible now
  • Fixed error in task notes
  • Fixed error while opening delegated tasks
Web Demo