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You want to know about the InLoox installation.



Before you start the actual installation, please download the software first and make sure that you have an InLoox license key. For more information on this issue, see the "InLoox 6.x installation guide" in the download section.

The installation only takes a few minutes. The individual clients take approx. 2-5 minutes each. In larger networks, InLoox can be distributed without problems. With Microsoft Office Resource Kit (ORK), InLoox can be distributed preinstalled with Outlook 2000 or higher. InLoox is applicable immediately after standard Outlook installation.
For the installation on a data base server (only with InLoox Workgroup or Enterprise Server), you need to have the appropriate rights on the data base server. This installation procedure also takes approx. 2-5 minutes time.

Example of a Client installation:

  1. Start the installation program InLoox_Personal.exe/InLoox_Workgroup.exe
  2. Please follow these steps inside of the installation assistant:
    • Select the language for the setup and click OK.
    • Select the workstation/client installation.
    • After reading and accepting the license agreement, click Next.
    • Select an installation folder, click Next.
    • Select the option “use connection file”.
    • Select the connection file.
    • Click Next and afterwards Finish.
  3. Maybe, you have to restart the computer after installation.
  4. Start Microsoft Outlook.
  5. You will see the InLoox Toolbar. The installation is finished.

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