SQL server is not reachable

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The SQL server is not reachable.



Possible reasons are firewall and/or Named Pipes configuration settings on the client. Please follow these steps to test the Firewall settings:

  1. Click Start - > Run
  2. Please enter the following command “telnet SERVERNAME PORT” (whereby SERVERNAME has to be replaced by the name of your server in the network and PORT has to be replaced by the according port the database is listening to.). Standard ports:
    • MS SQL Server - Port 1433
    • MySQL Server - Port 3306
    • Oracle - Port 1521
  3. On MS SQL Server and Oracle, only a black screen with a flashing cursor appears, if the connection is successful. On MySQL, the MySQL version is shown. (Otherwise you receive an error message.)
  4. If you receive an error message, please check the firewall settings.

If you cannot reach the SQL server after a successful test, please test the Named Pipes settings. See guide for “Testing the Named Pipes settings“.