How to add emails to the quick access panel in InLoox PM 8

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InLoox PM 8 provides you with rapid and comfortable assignment of e-mails to the project document storage. If you have already added the e-mail, you see its link.

Please follow these steps to record existing and new emails.

  1. Open an email from your personal Outlook inbox (or any other folder) by double-clicking it.  
  2. Select a project from the quick access panel on the right side next to the email.

    • Use the filter to search for the project. For more information, see Search and find projects, in the Use filters section.
    • Use the Recent projects button. The drop-down list displays projects you opened recently organized by numbers.
    • Use the Search projects field to find the needed project information and click the ENTEr button.
    • Use the filter feature to quickly reach the needed data from each column. For more information, see Search and filter in a project.
    • Click Clear selection , if you want to remove the selection.
  3. In the Add Document to Project area you can choose from the following actions:
    • Activate the Create new time tracking entry check box in order to add a new time tracking entry to the project. Time tracking entries are the records of time spent for a project, e.g. for work carried out.
      By clicking OK, the New Item dialog box will be displayed. Fill out this dialog box with the required information. For more information, see Create and edit a time tracking item.
    • Activate the Add to document store control box. With this option, you can assign any email attachments (files) to a project.
      1. In the Operation drop-down list, choose between Item including attachments, Item without attachments, Only attachments and Item and attachments separately.
        For more information about management methods, see Add Outlook elements to InLoox PM, in the Management methods area.
      2. In the Subfolder drop-down list, choose a subfolder. You can also create a new one by clicking New....
        1. In the Create a New Subfolder dialog box select the directory in which you want to create a new folder.
        2. Click Create New Folder and enter a new name.
        3. Click OK.
      3. In the Status field enter instructions, e.g. complete or awaiting release.
      4. Click Links to link the Outlook element with project elements. Click New on the left to the Links field. In the Assign Document Relation box select between mindmap nodes, work packages, time tracking items and paning elements. Add and then OK.
        InLoox PM displays a document as a paper clip on the page you have chosen. You can also open the document directly from this page.
  4. Click OK.