InLoox PM 8 elements in the Outlook Ribbon (2010/2013)

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You work with Microsoft Outlook most of the day, so we make sure that you can easily access InLoox PM 8 directly from within Microsoft Outlook. The Microsoft Outlook Home tab includes the following three InLoox PM options:

Tip For more detailed information go to Adding Outlook Elements to InLoox PM.

This is how you open the InLoox PM Ribbon:

  1. Click on the InLoox PM tab in the Outlook Ribbon. The InLoox PM Ribbon is designed to help you quickly access all relevant project information and comfortably switch in between different software modules for example the resource overview and work package list.

                                                                                                                           Note If you work with Microsoft Outlook 2013, you can also access InLoox PM via the Outlook navigation bar. 

  2. The InLoox PM Ribbon includes the following features and views:
    • Dashboard - The Dashboard view provides a real-time overview of selected key data across your project portfolio.

      Tip Read more on the Dashboard and how to define custom settings in the chapter Dashboard View.

    • Projects - Opens the InLoox PM project list. This folder is comparable to your e-mail inbox, calendar, and task folder in Outlook. Depending on which InLoox PM version you work with, the project list folder is stored on a the network server or on your personal hard drive.
      Tip Read more about the project list features and options in the chapter Project list.
    • Work packages - Opens the list of all project related work packages. The list allows you to manage all work packages across the entire project portfolio.
      Tip Read more on the work package feature and options in Work packages.
    • Resources - Opens a graphical overview for multi-project resource management, visualizing the entire resource capacities and utilization. The overview uses the free/busy concept known from the Exchange Server.
      Tip Read more on resource management feature in Resources.
    • Time tracking - Opens the entire list of existing time tracking entries you are authorized to access. 
      Tip More information can be found under the Time tracking view.
    • History - Opens a project timeline that includes all changes in your projects in a chronological order.
      Tip Read more on the project history feature in Timeline.
    • Contacts - InLoox PM contacts include e-mail and postal addresses and phone numbers of project stakeholders, even if they are not available in the Outlook or Exchange registry.
      Tip Read more on the contact options in InLoox PM contacts.
    • Views - This feature allows you to create and edit custom views. You can determine whether the your custom views are available to all InLoox PM users or only to you personally.
      Tip Find out more on the custom view options in Creating custom views.
    • Reports - The InLoox PM report designer generates custom project reports, budget lists, expense overviews and plan/actual comparisons at the push of a button. You can choose from various output formats like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML and many more. Edit the data to be included in the report with the custom filter option. You can attach the report file to the related project.
      Tip Find out more on the report designer in Reports.
    • Stop watch - This feature simplifies recording work hours and time tracking. Start the stop watch when beginning a task and stop the time recording when you completed it. You can immediately assign the recorded time to the related project.
      Tip Read more on the time tracking feature in Record personal time efforts with the stop watch.
    • Work package list - Opens the list of your personal work packages across the entire project portfolio. The overview compiles a list of open work packages from the all the project plans.
      Tip Read more on the work packages feature in Work packages.
    • Log on as - This feature allows external project stakeholders and partners to access the project database with their InLoox PM credentials even if they don't have a Windows user account in your corporate network. Every InLoox PM user can choose between the Windows and InLoox PM log on options.
      Tip Find out more on the log on options in Creating an InLoox PM account and Logging on as an InLoox PM user.
    • Help - Opens the InLoox PM online knowledge base and user guide. The support articles include information on how to manage projects with InLoox PM. Use the search option in the navigation pane to quickly find the information you are looking for.

InLoox PM in the Outlook Sidepanel

The InLoox PM folder structure is also included in the Outlook sidepanel on the left of the window. This makes it even easier to quickly access project related information no matter with which Outlook feature you are currently working with.