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Get a visual overview of upcoming tasks and the utilization of resources. InLoox PM provides you with different features to adjust the Gantt chart in a quick and comfortable way.

If you have no reading permissions, you cannot see planning elements in the Gantt Chart.

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General features of the Gantt chart

The following features for changing and editing the planning can be found in the Gantt chart:

Features in the context menu

For the detailed description of these features, see Work with the planning.

Information rules in the project list

Keyboard shortcut

Description of the symbols



A check mark shows that the element is marked as completed.

An alert shows that the element is already overdue and has not been completed yet.

A flag is used to highlight specific elements.

The symbol resource shows that resources have been assigned to the element.

The symbol resources have finished work shows that all resources assigned to the element have completed their tasks.

A paper clip shows elements to which documents are linked.

The calendar symbol if constraints have been set for the respective planning element.

For more information, see Create and edit an activity or Create and edit a milestone.

InLoox PM communicates a conflict with this symbol, if a predecessor will be moved.