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User interface

The new user interface of InLoox PM 7 is adapted to the design of Microsoft® Outlook 2010 and offers task-oriented features and commands in the InLoox PM 7 Ribbon. For an overview of the new InLoox PM 7 Ribbon, please see Work with the InLoox PM Ribbon. Please find a more detailed explanation of the tabs in the related help categories.

Besides, the dialog boxes in InLoox PM 7 have been simplified and are now scaleable. To change the size of a dialog box, touch its edge with the mouse pointer until it changes to a double-headed arrow. Now, you can drag the dialog box to the desired size.

Multi-selection and multi-editing

Now, you can select several elements in InLoox PM, such as milestones, activities, documents and time tracking entries and edit them at the same time. Click therefore on the first element that you want to edit. Keep the CTRL key on your keyboard pressed and click the other elements that you want to edit at the same time. Then right-click to open the context menu and select Edit from the list. Now, you can edit the selected elements at the same time.

Improved custom fields

The custom fields now look and feel like standard program fields. User-defined fields are no longer displayed as a list and allow direct input.

Find out more at Create custom fields.