How to add a project resource to a Mind Map node | InLoox PM 7

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You can assign resources to the nodes of your mind map to draft some initial thoughts about the assignment of activities.

  1. Open the Edit Node dialog box to add a new resource. Choose one of the following options to open this dialog box:
    • In the Node group, click Edit Node.
    • Right click on the Mind Maps area and click Edit in the context menu.

  2. Click the Resource tab .
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Add a new resource:
      1. Click Add.
      2. In the New Resource dialog box, in the Browse for resource field, click .
        Use the quick selection to add a new resource by clicking the Arrow . You can see in the drop-down list all resources which have already been added to the project.
      3. In the Select contact dialog box, choose one name from the list.
        InLoox PM provides you with the InLoox PM address book as well as with the contacts from Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server.
        Use the Skills feature to select resources according to their skills. Click Search by Skills  and activate the check box of the skill(s) you are looking for. Click OK. A list of all resources that have the respective skill is displayed. Then select a resource from the list and click OK. For more information see Assign skills to resources.
      4. Click OK.
        In the Name list, the new name will be displayed.
    • Remove a resource:
      1. Choose the name of the resource you want to remove from the Name list.
      2. Click Delete.